July 31, 2015

Angular.js Number Range

Posted In: "development"

Recently, while working on one of the projects at Onevest. I needed a dropdown list of years between 2015 and 1980. Instead of tryping each year out, I decided to create a tiny angular filter that iterates between two numbers. I extracted the _.range() function from Underscore.js to make things easier.

var myApp = angular.module('myApp', []);

myApp.filter('range', function() {
return function(input, start, stop, step) {
var length, i;

if (!stop) {
stop = start || 0;
start = 0;

step = step || 1;

length = Math.max(Math.ceil((stop - start) / step), 0);
i = 0;

for (; i < length; i++, start += step) {

return input;

It requires an initial array that you want to populate, start number, end number (stop) and a step.

start, if omitted, defaults to 0; step defaults to 1. Returns a list of integers from start (inclusive) to stop (exclusive), incremented (or decremented) by step, exclusive. Note that ranges that stop before they start are considered to be zero-length instead of negative — if you’d like a negative range, use a negative step.

It’s very simple to use:

<select ng-model="year" ng-options="y as y for y in [] | range:2015:1980:-1"></select>